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CEO of Danish CopyrightAlliance: “Control is Freedom!”

Maria Fredenslund, the CEO of the Danish CopyrightAlliance, in a debate in which she argues for increased control of the Internet in the name of copyright, proclaims that “control is freedom.” She lauds the “highly controlled and regulated society we live in” and insists that “control gives us freedom.” You see, “Control and regulation creates innovation … and personal liberty.” She criticizes the Internet as being “undemocratic” because there is not enough “control” of it.

And people say I am exaggerating when I use the term “fascism” to describe IP.

Obviously the copyright advocates want copyright enforced online by turning the Internet into a highly-regulated and controlled zone similar to the way socialist democratic Denmark regulates its citizens’ lives. Can we still take seriously anymore the claims of pro-IP “libertarians” that copyright is just a type of free market property right?

(h/t Erik Lau Kelner)

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