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5 people who are making a killing off of piracy

From geek.com:

5 people who are making a killing off of piracy

Piracy gets a bad reputation from most of the content creators in the world, but not everyone agrees. In fact, some people have managed to make piracy, and a relaxed attitude toward copyright, work in their favor. Here are five such individuals who don’t pirate themselves (at least that we know about) but managed to turn this fact of internet life into good business.

Have you heard about this Gangam Style thing? The answer to that is almost certainly an emphatic “yes.” Gangam Style, from South Korean pop/rap star Psy has taken the internet by storm, and part of that success has come by taking a relaxed attitude toward copyright infringement.

There have been remixes, mashups,vre-postings, and of course, torrents of Gangam Style ever since it first caught on. Rather than go after people infringing on the content, Psy has leaned back and watched the advertising dollars roll in. The Gangam Style video on YouTube is now the most viewed ever. It currently has nearly 1 billion views. It is estimated that Psy will pull in about $8.1 million this year thanks to his internet popularity. Popularity he wouldn’t have had if no one had been able to share the song.

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