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A new group, TechFeedom, is launched:

TechFreedom is a non-profit, non-partisan technology policy think tank launched in 2011. Our mission is to promote the progress of technology that improves the human condition and expands individual capacity to choose. We advance the freedoms that make experimentation, entrepreneurship and investment possible, and thus unleash the ultimate resource: human ingenuity.

We have four specific goals:

To make the case for pragmatic optimism by highlighting the benefits of technological change and bottom-up, market-based solutions to concerns raised by change.
To highlight the costs to consumers of regulatory intervention.
To develop and defend the least restrictive means for government to remedy real harms—focusing on increased education, innovation in consumer empowerment tools, and better enforcement of existing laws.
To facilitate constructive, serious dialogue on technology policy through regular events.

Not sure if they are sincere and economically literate–that is, opposed to IP on principle–but time will tell.

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