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Stossel Show on Intellectual Property


Full episode now available on the official Fox page here:

See also KOL171 | With Albert Lu Discussing Stossel and IP.

Unofficial YouTube version:


A few weeks ago I was invited to appear on an upcoming episode of John Stossel’s Fox Business News show, Stossel. I flew to New York last Wednesday for a Thursday taping; the show will air this Friday, Jan. 30.  I had a great time. Had dinner with several local libertarian friends (David Kramer, Isaac Bergmann, Evan Isaac, etc.) and my long-time friend Jack Criss, who joined me on the trip. Spent a while seeing New York, with my friend Dante Bayona as a helpful guide. New York was cold, but we still enjoyed it. (Pix from the trip below.)

The taping on Thursday went well—I was nervous but think I did okay. There were five guests altogether. The first segment was a debate between anti-IP anarchist David Koepsell and a conventional IP stossel - it's my ideaattorney; then a magician who was upset about people “stealing” his magic tricks; then me; then Chris Sprigman, about whom I’ve written before. I was a little leery that this was kind of a setup or something, but Stossel and the Fox News staff could not have been nicer or more professional. My impression is Stossel is leaning our way, as indicated in his Reason post, which quote me and Koepsell and criticizes IP (Owning Ideas—An Outdated Idea?; see also his column Owning Ideas). As far as I know this is the first time IP has been examined in such a major, national forum, and from a principled, and radical, free market perspective. Kudos to Stossel.

More on Stossel’s show here. The episode airs 9pm EST this Friday night, Jan. 30, on Fox Business, and apparently re-airs on Fox News Channel Sunday night.


The full version of the episode is not yet available on the Fox News site, but should be shortly. In the meantime, a “pirated” version of my segment is already online:

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