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Insurers blame stage collapse on copyright piracy

A while back I began to collect Absurd Arguments for IP. Well, we have another entry. As Mike Masnick explains in this Techdirt post, Insurers Suggest Podium & Stage Collapse Tragedies Are The Inevitable Result Of File Sharing?, there have been several stage collapses and similar accidents at music concerts and festivals. One insurer is blaming this on file sharing and piracy. The argument apparently goes something like this: piracy reduces CD and song sales. This puts greater pressure on bands to make money from giant concerts, with “giant podiums overloaded with video equipment and spots. The rain and the wind do not destroy more often than before, but when they fall, the damage is much greater.”

Uh, yeah. And lack of copyright law killed Dickens, by making him give too many public performances.

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