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The Biggest Videos, Ebooks, and Mises Academy Courses of 2010 [Mises Institute]

In this excellent recent Mises Daily article by Briggs Armstrong, The Biggest Videos, Ebooks, and Academy Courses of 2010, Armstrong notes that my Against Intellectual Property made the top 10 list of free book downloads. He writes:

10. Against Intellectual Property — Stephan Kinsella

This monograph has played a huge role in reshaping how Austrians and libertarians view the artificial, government-granted monopolies on ideas. Kinsella is a practicing patent attorney, and he recently finished teaching an online class on the subject in the Mises Academy. He points out that intellectual-property legislation can only stifle innovation, competition, and progress. He advocates the complete abolition of patents, copyrights, and the like.

It is through adopting this philosophy that the Mises Institute has made available, free of charge, all of these books.

It is of course gratifying and humbling to have played some role, however small, in the Mises Institute’s success (astoundingly, it was ranked the 10th most influential financial/economics website in the world in a recent study; see Mises.org is #10 in a “Most Influential” Study). But my point in noting this is to show the power of the openness and ideas–the power of knowledge.

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