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Kinsella on IP Panel of NYU School of Law Symposium: “Plain Meaning in Context: Can Law Survive its Own Language?”

I’ll be a panelist on the “Intellectual Property Law and Policy” panel of the Symposium: “Plain Meaning in Context: Can Law Survive its Own Language?”, New York University School of Law/Journal of International Law and Politics (February 18, 2011):

The Journal of Law and Liberty is excited to announce our Spring 2011 Symposium entitled “Plain Meaning in Context: Can Law Survive Its Own Language?” will take place on February 18, 2011, Vanderbilt Hall, 40 Washington Square South.  The Symposium will consist of three panel discussions and a keynote speech, which will be given by one of the Journal‘s advisers, Richard Epstein.  The first panel will be a generalist panel meant to create a rich discussion on this subject under a philosophical framework.  The second panel will be a include a discussion on the influence of language in Administrative Law. The final panel will debate the ramifications of language and interpretation in the context of Intellectual Property Law.

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