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Denver Post sues Drudge Report, extending copyright crusade

From the Colorado Independent. Note that they are asking not only for $150k damages but that Drudge surrender his domain name–this is legalized extortion.

Denver Post sues Drudge Report, extending copyright crusade

Denver Post management has taken aim over the past year at the internet, apparently sweeping the web routinely for Denver Post content and threatening litigation if it finds unlicensed material floating free of the Denver Post brand. It sent a letter to popular blogsite ColoradoPols this past summer sounding Orwellian warnings against quoting even the smallest amount of material from the paper. The Post has now sued the national conservative politics Drudge Report for running a Denver Post photo. The Las Vegas company suing on behalf of the Post is asking for $150,000 and for Matt Drudge to surrender his popular website domain names drudgereport.com anddrudgereportarchives.com.

Righthaven LLC filed the suit on Wednesday, according to the Las Vegas Sun, which also suggests Righthaven is making good business of newspaper struggles in the digital age. Since March, Righthaven has filed more than 181 copyright lawsuits against website operators and bloggers.

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