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Rothbard and Galambosians

From LRC:

Rothbard and Galambosians

March 8, 2005

Discuss patents and the topic of Galambos is sure to come up, as it predictably did here. Here is a little story I heard one time about Rothbard and a certain author who shall remain nameless. This author published a book, and sent Rothbard a $100 check, noting that as a Galambosian, he felt he owed it, since Rothbard was the source of all his ideas. Rothbard returned it, noting that he didn’t agree with Galambos’s notion that you could own ideas, but if the author did, he owed Rothbard all his royalties, not just $100. Funny!


Update: See tepid, confused defenses of Galambos the nut in There’s No Such Thing as a Free Patent, comments, by Alvin Lowi and Robert Klassen.

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