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Generation–C: creative consumers in a world of intellectual property rights

One of the authors of this recently-published paper, “Generation–C: creative consumers in a world of intellectual property rights,” sent me a copy (by Jan H. Kietzmann & Ian Angell, International Journal of Technology Marketing, December 09, 2013), which has an interesting thesis. From the Abstract:

Generation–C is a generational movement consisting of creative consumers, those who increasingly modify proprietary offerings, and of members of society who in turn use the developments of these creative consumers. It is argued that their respective activities, creating and using modified products, are carried out by an increasing number of people, everyday, without any moral and legal considerations. The resulting controversies associated with existing intellectual property rights are discussed, and suggestions put forward that the future can only bring conflict if such legislation is not changed so that derivative innovations are allowed to flourish. The article concludes with important messages to organisations, intellectual property rights lawyers, owners of property rights, governments and politicians, suggesting they reconsider their respective stances for the good of society.

From the Conclusion:

In this article, we introduced Generation-C as a generational movement, consisting of everyone who embraces all things digital: creative consumers and their respective audiences. We argue that their combined activities, modifying offerings and consuming these, are signs of the times. The trend towards increasing curiosity and creativity in a community that values openness and sharing, and acts without moral considerations or deliberations of IPR, is gaining momentum, and the future can only bring conflict if IPR legislation is not changed so that derivative innovations are allowed to flourish.

The paper cites two of my earlier articles, Against Intellectual Property (JLS, 2001), and Do patents and copyrights undermine private property?: YesInsight magazine, May 21, 2001 (local copy) (an audio version is in my podcast feed).

The file is available here, by permission: kietzmann-angell_generation–C-creative-consumers-world-intellectual-property-rights-2013

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