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Japan even worse than US on copyright?

Sad, especially given that Asia was traditionally better on copyright than the West has been (well, at least in China: “To Steal a Book is an Elegant Offense” —Chinese saying).

From Crunchyroll.com:

Tokyo Man Arrested for Uploading “Accel World” Anime Episode

The battle between the Japanese police and illegal uploaders continues

April 18, 2013 12:07am CDT (13 hours ago)
As we have reported, the Japanese police have no mercy for illegal anime uploaders. On April 15th, Kanagawa Prefectural Police’s Cyber Crime Control Office and Minami Station arrested a 34-year-old male temporary dispatch worker who lived in Toshima-ward, Tokyo, on suspicion of using the file-sharing software Share to upload three anime programs including the 8th episode of Accel World to the internet without copyright holders’ permission between June to December in 2012.

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The article lists a large number of arrest cases in Japan based on such uploads.

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