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Manuel Barkhau on Imaginary Property

Someone forwarded to me this speech by Manuel Barkhau, presented May 23, 2010 at the SIGINT 2010 Chaos Computer Club [CCC]. It’s in German so I can’t follow it, but it appears to be a criticism of natural law defenses of intellectual property, based on work by me and Hans-Hermann Hoppe.

Update: I contacted the Barkhau on facebook, and he said:

there is no English version, but the talk is based mostly on the argumentation ethics of Hoppe, followed by some examples to illustrate how wide ranging it is, including abortion, draft and of course your arguments against intellectual property.

Since this is a laymen audience as far as philosophy is concerned, I also spend some time on the difference between positive and natural rights and the purpose of rights as rules to avoid conflict.

The associated website is http://imaginäreseigentum.de/

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