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Postmarket Effects of Intellectual Monopoly

By Per Bylund, who said in a Facebook post that with this article he “came out of the closet.” Good. Another member added to the libertarian IP awakening. (See my article The Death Throes of Pro-IP Libertarianism.)


Postmarket Effects of Intellectual Monopoly

Mises Daily: Tuesday, December 20, 2011 by


I readily admit that I am a sucker for glam (or hair) metal to supplement my voluminous consumption of heavy metal. Unfortunately, the heyday of glam metal is long gone and what remains of this proud musical genre is the occasional but temporary reunion of long-since-retired band members for another last gig or tour. While the genre saw something of a revival (or nostalgia) in the past decade, whatever was accomplished is far from the good old days.

Yet this is not the impression one gets from visiting online stores such as Amazon.com. I recently did so in a quest to increase my collection of glam-metal albums on my hard drive, and what I found was a strange phenomenon: many of the great old albums sell at very high prices. Not only that, but they sell at substantially higher prices if one chooses to download the files than if one orders the physical CDs.

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