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Remix Artists Pogo Expecting To Be Sued By Disney For Releasing Latest Remix (Created For Disney)

From Mike Masnick on Techdirt:

Remix Artists Pogo Expecting To Be Sued By Disney For Releasing Latest Remix (Created For Disney)

from the copyright-as-censorship dept

Nick Dynice points us to the news that a remix artist named Pogo is getting ready to release some new audio/video remixes, based on Disney films — but he’s expecting to get sued by Disney to do so. That’s because (apparently) he was working for Disney in creating some of these videos, but folks there are refusing to let the videos he created be released:

Folks, I long to release my Pirates Of The Caribbean mix on YouTube. I think it’s one of my best mixes yet, and it’s agonizing to imagine it rotting away in some filing cabinet instead of taking its rightful place in my body of work. All I’ve been told is that the producers at Jerry Bruckheimer Films want nothing to do with it. Whether that means they’re displeased or they’re just waiting for the right time is impossible for me to say. The sad reality is, Swashbuckle was contracted work. I’d literally have to start saving the money that Disney would sue me before making the decision to upload it. But who knows? It might just come to that. My music is my mark in this world. If I have to pay to watch it entertain millions of people, then so be it.Of course, I find it quite intriguing that Disney appears to have hired a remix artist to create remix videos. I’d love to get more details on how that came about in the first place. What’s really odd is that the blog post indicates that he had to take down his “classic” Disney movie remixes while he was working at Disney, but now that his contract is up, he’s free to put them back up. You can see an absolutely brilliant song he made out of the classic Snow White film, using “vocal syllables, musical chords and sound effects” all from the 1937 Disney film:

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