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Anti-IP Youtube Videos: A Selection

By people other than me (mostly). Listed first; embedded below.

Nina Paley, Copying Is Not Theft


Uniquenameosaurus, Why Creators Shouldn’t Own their Creations (And Why it’s Good for them too)


Uniquenameosaurus, Stephen Davies, Intellectual Property Rights: Yay or Nay?


Karl Fogel, The Surprising History of Copyright and What It Means For Google (companion article: The Surprising History of Copyright and The Promise of a Post-Copyright World)


Stephen Davies, SOPA and 3 Ways to think about Intellectual Property


Uniquenameosaurus, You Hate all these Companies for the SAME Reason


Tom W. Bell, What is Intellectual Privilege?


Johanna Blakely, Lessons from fashion’s free culture (TED)


Reason.tv, How Should Libertarians Think About Intellectual Property?


Federalist Society, Intellectual Property: A First Principles Debate [POLICYbrief] (with Kristen Osenga and Stephan Kinsella)


Glynn Lunney, Copyright’s Excess, TEDxTAMU


David Koepsell, The Ethical Case Against Intellectual Property

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