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J.C. Lester: “Against Against Intellectual Property: A Short Refutation of Meme Communism”

Confused “libertarian” Jan Lester1 makes a feeble attempt to criticize some of my anti-IP arguments, in a retarded paper called “Against Against Intellectual Property: A Short Refutation of Meme Communism“.

This essay is intended to be a refutation of the main thesis in Against Intellectual Property, Kinsella 2008 (hereafter, K8). Points of agreement, relatively trivial disagreement, and irrelevant issues will largely be ignored, as will much repetition of errors in K8. Otherwise, the procedure is to go through K8 quoting various significantly erroneous parts as they arise and explaining the errors involved. It will not be necessary to respond at the same length as K8 itself.

  1. See “Aggression” versus “Harm” in Libertarianism. []
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