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Daniel Ravicher’s Google Techtalk: The Patent Pollution Problem: Its Causes, Effects and Solutions

In my post Patent Lawyers Who Oppose Patent Law, I include in my list “Daniel Ravicher, Executive Director of the Public Patent Foundation (PUBPAT) and Legal Director of Software Freedom Law Center, and also a registered patent attorney, appears to be opposed to patents or at the very least has serious reservations.”

Here is a recent Google tech talk on problems with patents and some solutions, followed by an older talk. I would disagree with Ravicher that the problem with the patent system is low quality patents. The problem is high quality patents–patents that are not obtained by trolls, patents that are perfectly valid over the prior art, and that the patentee can use to stop competitors from competing with them. Still, it’s an illuminating talk with a lot of good information on the way the patent system (doesn’t) work.

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