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Yet another Randian recants on IP

I previously wrote about An Objectivist Recants on IP. This is just part of the overall phenomenon of growing libertarian rejection of intellectual property (The Death Throes of Pro-IP Libertarianism). I get notes quote often from people who have changed their minds on IP. And the latest is Gary Gibson, who in writing against SOPA and copyright, says:

This is still fairly new territory we’re exploring. A couple of years ago, we were far more in the Ayn Rand/Objectivist camp when it came to intellectual property (though not as far as the entertainingly pro-IP libertarian Andrew Joseph Galambos, who reportedly changed his name from Joseph Andrew Galambos so as not to infringe on his father’s claim to the specific name and who dropped a nickel in a box every time he used the word “liberty” to pay the estate of the reputed coiner of the word, Thomas Paine). It’s only recently that our friend Jeffrey Tucker got us thinking — and rethinking — the issue.

(Quoted in my post SOPA is the Symptom, Copyright is the Disease: The SOPA wakeup call to ABOLISH COPYRIGHT; see also Why Intellectual Property is the State’s Latest Taser.)

Update: See also the anti-IP views of Brant Gaede and quasi-Objectivist Shayne Wissler in this SOLO (Sense of Life Objectivists) thread about IP.

See also Complete Liberty: The Demise of the State and the Rise of Voluntary America, by Wes Bertrand, discussing the anti-IP (and anti-state) views of Objectivist-influenced Wes Bertrand.

And Timothy Sandefur, “A Critique of Ayn Rand’s Theory of Intellectual Property Rights,” Journal of Ayn Rand Studies 9:1 (Fall 2007), pp. 139-61

James Hughes is also an Objectivist anarchist and IP opponent.

David Veksler.

Sid Smith.

See also others listed in this Facebook thread.

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