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We Hope Apple Wins the Patent Wars

From “Jesus Diaz” on Gizmodo:

We Hope Apple Wins the Patent Wars

Those brilliant Apple dickheads just got a new patent victory. And you know what? Good for them! Good for you too, Android users included. I hope they win all of their wars, because that would be good for all of us.

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This is about Apple using its patents against Android, resulting in: “A Dutch court has banned all trading of Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy S II and Ace across most countries in Europe.” Unless the author is being sarcastic, this is one of the most dishonest, disgusting things I’ve read in some time. What a horrible defense of patent protectionism. Gizmodo is way behind the curve on this. Other tech-savvy people are realizing how horrible and protectionist and anti-competitive and unjust patents are. I hope Gizmodo goes down in flames, and burns in bankruptcy hell.

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