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The Three Types of Creationism: Religious, Property, Political

First, we have standard Creationism–the religious view that God created the universe in a magical poof, that there was no evolution. Some find that absurd, but it’s neither here nor there for issues that concern us here.

Second, we have what might be called “property creationism”–the idea that humans have property rights in “things” or “values” that they “create”. This fallacious, confused notion is a main basis for modern arguments for intellectual property rights (see Locke on IP; Mises, Rothbard, and Rand on Creation, Production, and “Rearranging”; Locke, Smith, Marx and the Labor Theory of Value; Libertarian Creationism).

And now we have the “political creationism” of (modern) liberals and progressives (see Arthur Silber, Blinded by the Story: Liberals and Progressives as Political Creationists; see also his recent post Progressive Heroes Poopyheads).

All of them irrational and harmful to humanity.

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