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Bertrand Lemennicier Joins C4SIF Advisory Board

Bertrand LemennicierWe are pleased to announce that Bertrand Lemennicier† has joined the Center’s Advisory Board. Dr. Lemennicier is Professor of economics at the economic department of the Faculty of Law of the University of Paris Sorbonne, Pantheon-Assas. In his research career he followed the approach of economists such as Gary Becker, Ronald Coase, James Buchanan, and Friedrich Hayek who applied the tools of the economic analysis to fields outside  from the core of economics like marriage, crime, law, and politics. Influenced by the work of Murray Rothbard and other radical libertarian writers, he joined the French intellectual libertarian movement in the 1980s. Executive director of the Institut de Recherche sur la gouvernance et l’Economie des Institutions (IRGEI). He is author of numerous articles and books, including The Market of the Marriage and the Family (1988 Editions P.U.F), Five Questions about the Trade Unions (in collaboration with Jacques Garello and Henri Lepage, 1990 Editions P.U.F), Economy of the Right (1991 Cujas Editions), Morals Vis-à-Vis the Economy (Editions of Organization, 2006), and a textbook, Microeconomic: Theory and Applications (CDROM, 2003-2005, bwm-mediasoft, Luxemburg). His IP-related writings include Brevets d’invention, droits de reproduction et propriété intellectuelle (Patents, Reproduction Rights and Intellectual Property). He is member of the Mount Pélerin Society (MPS), the International Society for Individual Liberty (ISIL), and the Property and Freedom Society (PFS).

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