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Mike Masnick Joins C4SIF Advisory Board

Mike Masnick-WiredI’ve long followed Mike Masnick’s frequent posts–most related to business, technology, innovation and IP–to the Techdirt blog. We are pleased to announce that Mike has joined the Center’s Advisory Board. Mike is the founder and CEO of Floor64, and oversees all editorial aspects of the Floor64’s public and customer sites. Prior to founding Floor64 Inc., he worked in business development and marketing at Release Software, an e-commerce startup, and in marketing at Intel. Mike has a bachelor’s degree in Industrial and Labor Relations and an MBA, both from Cornell University.

See below for a fascinating, insightful talk by Masnick at the 2009 Conversational Marketing Summit, “High Order Bit: From Content to Conversational Marketing,” describing how he took Techdirt from being a content site to a conversational marketing platform.

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