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“Patents are bulls–t,” says Newegg Chief Legal Officer Lee Cheng

“Patents are bulls–t,” says Newegg Chief Legal Officer Lee Cheng
At Ars Live 6, we talked to the attorney who fought patent trolls and won.

As I wrote in a Facebook thread:

“It’s all confusion and nonsense. He has no principled position at all. “When Cheng put it that way to his employers, they decided the money was worth it. If Cheng’s strategy worked, they would never have to deal with patent trolls again. “It was obvious there was a scam going on, and someone needed to say no,” he recalled.”

No, this is wrong. Patent trolls are not necessarily “scammers”–sometimes their patents are valid–i.e. will be upheld by a court, and the defendant will LOSE. You can’t just assume you will win if you fight–because there IS PATENT LAW. This guy doesn’t get that the problem with the system is not “scams” and “bullshit patents” but GOOD patents. That’s the real threat to innovation and progress.”

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