Six Year Federal Prison Sentence for Copyright Infringement

by Stephan Kinsella on March 3, 2012

As discussed in the latest episode of This Week in Law (at around 1:02:00), a recent press release by the evil Business Software Alliance cheers on a six year prison sentence and $400,000 “restitution” fine imposed on a Texas man for “software piracy”:

The Business Software Alliance (BSA) today applauded the sentencing of the owner and operator of multiple rogue websites found to be illegally selling software that was stolen from BSA member companies Adobe, Autodesk, and Microsoft.

US District Court Judge, Reed O’Connor, sentenced James Clayton Baxter of Wichita Falls, TX to nearly six years in prison for software piracy and ordered him to pay more than $400,000 in restitution after pleading guilty to copyright infringement.

Disgusting fascist corporatism.

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