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Duke Scholars Join Boycott Against Elsevier

Update: see Copyright Continues to Crumble; Ebooks Libertated from DRM; Gatekeepers Quake; Even Harvard Can’t Afford Subscriptions To Academic Journals; Pushes For Open Access.

Duke Scholars Join Boycott Against Elsevier

Daubechies is one of the latest to speak out against the practices of large academic publishers

February 14, 2012 | Ashley Yeager
Ingrid Daubechies

Mathematician Ingrid Daubechies is among nearly 6,000 scholars boycotting Elsevier journals. Image courtesy of Ingrid Daubechies, Duke.

Durham, NC – One of Duke’s most prominent scientists has joined a protest against a leading academic publisher, adding her name to a growing list on campus and at universities elsewhere.

Mathematician Ingrid Daubechies says she will no longer publish, referee or do editorial work for the Amsterdam-based academic publisher Elsevier. She joins biologists Laryssa Baldridge and Eric Butter, mathematician Mark Iwen, economist E. R. Weintraub and other Duke faculty members in publicly boycotting the publisher.

They and nearly 6,000 other scholars around the world seek to draw attention to what they consider Elsevier’s unfair business model and restrictions on the free exchange of information.

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