My Webinar on the America Invents Act

by Stephan Kinsella on September 26, 2011

Mises Academy Webinar: Stephan Kinsella addresses Obama's Patent Reform: Improvement or Continuing Calamity?Last  Friday, I conducted a Mises Academy Webinar discussing the America Invents Act, signed into law Sept. 16 by President Obama. I discussed the webinar in a Mises Daily article, Obama’s Patent Reform: Improvement or Continuing Calamity? and discussed the AIA in further detail in The American Invents Act and Patent Reform: The Good, the Meh, and the Ugly.

In the webinar, I:

  1. summarized the basic problem with patent law from a free-market perspective;
  2. presented a series of real patent reforms that could make significant improvement in patent law (short of abolition);
  3. explained and critiqued the relevant changes made by the America Invents Act;
  4. briefly summarized other imminent IP legislation and treaties on the horizon; and
  5. responded to questions from attendees.

The audio of the webinar is available at: Kinsella Webinar: Obama’s Patent Reform (mp3), and streaming below; and the slides used are provided below as well.



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