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Incoherent “Libertarian” Attacks on IP Opponents

Or do I repeat myself? See the incomprehensible screed by someone apparently called “Lila Rajiva” against the greatest libertarian theorist of our generation, perhaps ever, Hans-Hermann Hoppe, in the bizarrely titled post “Please Cite If You Pick Up Leads From This Blog“. She also makes an incomprehensible charge of “plagiarism”, or something like it (who knows, with these come-and-go types), against the feisty and inimitable David Kramer of the LewRockwell.com blog. I have to say I am astonished she has even 12 comments on this post at present–who is this person? She also appears to be one of these indecisive have-it-both-ways types who want to claim they don’t have a blog, or have portentously “stopped blogging,” while they cannot help blogging while trying to call it something else, hence “While this blog is dead, in so far as posting new material, as far as defending my own material and work,  it’s still kicking.”. Whatever. As far as I can tell, she has no “work” re IP to “defend.”

Literary tip: It’s “insofar,” not “in so far.”

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  • DixieFlatline April 1, 2011, 7:07 pm

    I think Lila Rajiva was popular at LRC a year or two ago.

    The anti-ip arguments seem so ridiculous to me now, those comments were painful to read. It’s the same, ad hominem and strawman arguments, while not addressing any of the substantive points, or even recognizing the purpose of property rights (to avoid and resolve conflicts in a reality of scarcity).

  • Tony Ryals April 4, 2011, 12:21 am

    You’re certainly correct about Lila dearest not having any ideas or inventions to defend or protect.However that does not mean that some ideas or inventions should not be bartered or bought by other members of society find them validor profitable enough to copy or plagiarize.Lila Rajiva has accused me of plagiarizing her in the past,(hee hee).She also associates with some such as Agora Inc.’s Bill Bonner of,’ Mobs, Messiahs and Markets’ or whatever,who morals leave much to be desired.
    But then again many Agorans consider themselves or wish to be identified as ‘libertarians’ which in my opinion gives libertarianism a very bad reputation.You should read her website’s section on,’ Lila Rajiva at the Daily Reckoning’,if you want to get an idea of how I was and am maliciously attacked by her.And all because she emailed me in 2005 before writing with Bonner,in order to get me to censor my criticism of James Dale Davidson,Bill Bonner and scam artist Porter Stansberry who makes investment and fortune telling claims for hi9mself that would make both Barnum and Bailey blush.
    I stioll say she’s a liar and that Agora Inc founder and NTU founder James Dale Davidson’s penny stock frauds Genemax (named after newsmax ?)and Endovasc were not victims of their made up term ‘naked short selling’ but were illegal pumpa and dumps that Agora Inc and thus her co-editor Bill Bonner were responsible for as well as Porter Stansberry,Lord William Rees-Mogg and even Ron Paul for that matter for supporting them and absurdly writing to the SEC about unnamed stocks being ‘naked shorted’ himself !

    Lila dearest also associates with the likes of Warren Buffett connected Patrick Byrne,whose daddy Jack founded Geico Insurance, and whose ‘anti-naked short selling’ websitethesanitycheck.com that claims that stock frauds such as his offshore hedge fund account manipulated shares are really victims of ‘naked short selling’ by a ‘Sith Lord’ instead,is used by penny stock scheisterand and Rothschild attorney connected money launderer Bud Burrell to threaten my life ! This woman is more than ‘crazy’ , she is criminally insane ! Lew Rockwell is suspect as well in my mind.

    Naked Short Lie:Agora Inc.,Lila Rajiva,Walter Block:Vancouver Libertarian
    Paul Geddes brings CIA racist stock fraud money launderers to Vancouve,Canada…
    Also Loyola University Fascist Racist Walter Block
    28 Apr 2010 … Lila Rajiva. Dear Mr. Ryals: Thank you for all this information. ….. Lila Rajiva Lies and my reply. Submitted by Tony Ryals

  • Stephan Kinsella April 4, 2011, 12:08 pm

    This comment is rambling and largely incoherent; your comment about Rockwell is odd too–he is anti-IP and a hero of liberty.

  • Tony Ryals April 5, 2011, 12:05 am

    Stephen Kinsella,
    Praise Rockwell all you want but when you do the research you’ll find,quite easily,the connections between Rockwell, Ron Paul and Lila Rajiva’s Agora nc boss and co-publisher of ‘Markets,Mobs and Messiahs’,is undeniable. How else do you explain Lila Rajiva’s VIP writer treatment at Rockwell’s ‘libertariasn’ website ?I’m sure they would not allow me to publish articles there,nor would I want to.But Lila (AND HER CO-EDITOR BILL BONNER, WHO IS ALSO A VIP AT THE RIGHT WING NY TIMES THAT IS FRAUDULENTLY BILLED AS A ‘LIBERAL’ NEWSPAPER),are lauded by the lewrockwell ‘libertarian website,the NY Times,and even the decadent Christian Science Monitor among others.

    Just ask Lew Rockwell and Ron Paul what they think about Lila’s co-editor,Bill Bonner and they’ll tewll you what
    a ‘market messiah’ he is,at least if they stop drooling long enough to answer when his name is mentioned.You can see how he is treated the same way by the NY Times and Chistian Scinece Monster if you do a little search engine research.

    Martin Sheen’s pal,the 9/11 anti truth wingnut Alex Jones, is also a big fan of Agora Inc’s and Bill Bonner’s and Jim Davidson’s Porter Stansberry who should be in jail for his innumerable stock and securities frauds but he is protected rather than prosecuted by the SEC of ex Cair Chris Cox and now by Bernie Maddoff’s partner in stock crime,the SEC Chairwoman Mary Schapiro.You can easily verify that both Agora Inc’s Porter Stansberry and Lila Rajiva have emailed me to try and shut me up about James Dale Davidson’s Endovasc and Genemax pumps and dumps and that they both are part of the internet stock fraud ops of Agora Inc with its CIA employee connections.

    Lew Rockwell and the family that owns NY Times both love Bill Bonner so I guess the NY Times is run by ‘libertarians’ as well.

  • Lila Rajiva May 28, 2011, 9:45 am

    Hi Stuart –

    Thanks for your nice comments.

    1. I am not CIA or RAW or anything else like that.

    I am exactly what I say I am.

    I worked as a ballet accompanist and school teacher for 15 years, which would be a most unique cover for intelligence work, I imagine. All I saw was tutus and plies. If that’s a criminal conspiracy, so be it.

    2. I remove things from my blog or leave them or change them because I do “guerilla blogging” – a term I explain on my site…

    It’s the only way sometimes to get out information, without getting into legal trouble. Think about it. Often I am only trying to inform one or two other bloggers or readers, and there’s no need for me to retain information that would only cause me trouble. Sometimes I am trying to tackle my enemies. I have a few.

    Mr. Ryals, being penniless and skulking in Central America, can commit libel with impunity. I cannot. Nor would I wish to.

    3. Re Mr. Rivera. It was I who blogged about Mr. Rivera’s death…which is where Ryals got the information in the first place.

    I wonder why Mr. Ryals doesn’t pose his questions to Mr. Rivera’s former colleagues who knew him and worked with him, rather than someone who never laid eyes on him and first heard of him from the internet in 2008.

    Very odd.

    4. If I had any specific knowledge pertinent to the case, I’d take it to the police or to responsible journalists…not to an internet troll. But I don’t. What I know I learned from web research and I have blogged it.

    5. To the extent Agora’s activities are relevant to my blogging themes, I have commented on them and analyzed them. That I do it with circumspection is a plus, not a negative.

    I fail to see why I should run the risk of litigation or harassment to indulge Mr. Ryals’ malice and obsession. Mr. Ryals, among his other failings, seems to have a very limited grasp of libel law.

    7. It occurs to me that someone lurking in foreign internet cafes and google-bombing on every conceivable topic in a way that thoroughly confuses serious analysis does a good enough job of disinformation that his accusations might better be turned against him.

    8. If Mr Ryals has some inside information about how Mr. Rivera died, I suggest that he follow up on it. He seems very eager to theorize about it.

    I can put him in touch with good investigators and journalists who would be all agog to hear what he has to say.

    Lila Rajiva

    Lila Rajiva says:
    May 22, 2011 at 6:40 pm

    According to Ryals, anyone who comments on a blog is “connected” to the blog owner…and therefore “in their pay” or “prostituted to them”.

    By that definition, Ryals has prostituted himself to quite a few blogs. He has commented on the SEC blog. So he must be SEC. He has commented on libertarian blogs. So he must be one of those rascally Misesians he complains about.

    Were I as well-connected to intelligence or to the financial world as Ryals imagines me to be, I would not have stopped blogging from all the attacks and trolling.

    No. I’d be running cover stories at Rolling Stone and have a fat book contract now, with movie to follow, wouldn’t I?

    Mr. Ryals has a grudge against Agora. Maybe he is justified. But what have I to do with it?

    I wrote a book there for a specific reason – to warn the public. That was accomplished. I left.

    What is Mr. Ryals’ problem and why is he obsessed with smearing me?
    Anyone would suspect he has more at stake in this than he lets on. I wander what.

    I have no great respect for the company’s management and have said so to their faces and on the net.

    Certainly, if they are guilty of wrongdoing, let someone bring charges and let justice be done.

    But smearing everyone who has had anything to do with them is not the way to accomplish that.

    In fact, it does the opposite.

    Lila Rajiva says:
    May 23, 2011 at 7:27 pm
    More here on Mr. Ryals


  • Tony Ryals May 29, 2011, 3:43 pm

    I find it very strange,even unbelievable,that Lila Rajiva only heard about the strange May 2006 death of Agora Inc. and Porter Stansberry employee Rey Rivera in 2008 reading the Internet.No doubt when she emailed me in 2005 she was totally unaware that her Agora Inc. colleague and murder suspect in the case Porter Stansberry who was the employer of Rivera and who used Rivera’s name on the penny stock tout ‘news letter’ Rebound Report,was contacting me simultaneously to invite me to Baltimore to somehow ‘prove’ all his stock and energy and real estate and gold scams were legit.No doubt if I had gone he would have convinced me the the Endovasc ‘biotech’ penny stock fraud of his Agora Inc boss James Dale Davidson really had been ‘naked shorted’ as he said rather than the obvious SEC protected illegal pump and dump and share-money laundering fraud that it actually was.

    And that such a professional and deep investigative journalist as Ms.Rajiva would have been employed by Agora Inc at the time of Rivera’s death and coming and going from Baltimore that she has called home for years if not decades and being an employee of Agora Inc. at the time and with her co-author Bill Bonner being the person in charge of Agora Inc. and Stansberry’s scams since Jim Davidson decided to lay low after the Utah SEC had charged him and Stansberry both in fraudulent promotions of the Genemax and Endovasc ‘biotech’ pumps and dumps and then only learning about his death surfing the internet two years later would be laughable if it weren’t so tragic.Can you imagine that she was in constant contact with the Baltimore office and Bill Bonner all through 2006 and I believe at least since 2005 when she contacted me to try and shut me up about my complaints re Agora Inc. penny stock frauds.
    Yes Bill Bonner and Porter Stansberry and others at the Baltimore Agora Inc. office must have been laughing at her behind her back as she was coming and going from the office for so all that time and a fellow employee had met such a strange death and she didn’t even have a clue.She should get a ‘clueless’ tattoo to decorate her forehead.And no I certainly never learned of Rey Rivera’s death from her.I actually learned about it on the website of a woman named Jennifer Lake who came to my attention because she was the object of one of Lila dearest’s internet attacks just as I had been.Then I began searching news archives surrounding the event and also saw the now disappeared quote from Stansberry that ‘the sheriff’s after me on a site run by disgruntled Agoran Chris Amberger before he disappeared it as just as he recently did other criticisms of Agora and Stansberry and Alex Jones from his greenlaserreviews.com site that,ha ha,it looks like he’s also disappearing due to threats by Lila’s co-author Bill Bonner that Lila posted about on her website the mindbodypolitic.com.Apparently another example of what she calls “guerilla blogging”,ha,ha.
    As for Alex Jones and his prisonplanet,he removed my article about Ron Paul lying to the SEC that unnamed stocks were being ‘naked shorted’ no doubt as a favor to James Dale Davidson.It had been posted there by a person using an alias,I had nothing to do with it then it and that alias and myself were attacked by another penny stock scamster who claimed his company had been destroyed by ‘naked short selling’ and that I was somehow behind it.Ha.My article appears to have been disappeared from prisonplanet by Jones who apparently is also into “guerilla blogging” just as Lila is.Note Jones of prisonplanet.con was the voice on Porter Stansberry’s endofamerica2010 scam used to lure more investors-victims into Porter Stansberry’s and Agora Inc.’s clutches.



    lila rajiva : I was at Agora from January 2006 – October 2007 (and
    only heard of death of Rey Rivera in 2008 on internet ?

    Repeated By Tony Ryals Since 2007Libels About Me

    1. I am a penny stock “fraudster”

    1. Truth: I have never sold a stock or a penny stock ever. Any
    investment advice I ever gave professionally can be found in notes in
    the Daily Reckoning that can be found below. I edited the Daily
    Reckoning column, did some real estate research (looking for property
    that Mr. Bonner might be interested in purchasing, researched real
    estate and market conditions, and wrote ONE investment report on
    Goldman Sachs. Most of my time was spent on writing and editing “Mobs,
    Messiahs and Markets.” I was hired for 4 hours PT work in January 2007
    and signed a book contract the following summer (May 2007). Do you
    really think that I could have found time to tout stocks when I was
    editing 4 hours per day, researching and co-writing the book (that was
    originally 1000 pages before it was cut down. All in exactly one year
    flat, while writing my own articles, traveling around the world with a
    laptop, house-hunting for myself and doing my own (very small time)
    trading? There are not enough hours in the day for me to have been
    touting stocks or running any newsletter, with all that. Ryals is
    fabricating this out of whole cloth.

    2. I have a George Tenet connection.

    2. False. I have never met, spoken to, or even seen George Tenet in my
    life. I don’t think I’ve even read or written much about him. Senior
    people at Agora Inc. might know him. How does it follow that I know
    him? Bogus, rubbish. I was at Agora from January 2006 – October 2007
    and wrote the book from May 2007 – August 2007. In other words, I was
    there solely for the purpose of writing, not selling stocks and that
    is a documented fact.

    (to be continued) -Lila Rajiva

  • Lila Rajiva June 8, 2011, 4:06 pm

    On IMF Chief Strauss-Kahn Under Suicide Watch
    Lila Rajiva said…


    Who wouldn’t be after this level of public humiliation?

    Nothing like a salacious story to get every twit in journalism frothing.

    Perp walks, hearsay, innuendo…

    I never thought I’d defend the poster child of the Eurocracy…but jeez.

    Mind you, I think DSK might well have done the deed. But guess what, the IMF, BIS and Fed have been screwing far more people far worse, for far longer…

    And that doesn’t seem to bother anyone…

  • Tony Ryals June 9, 2011, 10:08 pm

    Indian illegal alien Lila Rajiva compares Anthony Weiner to an Abu Ghraibe rape victim ! This would be funny if it weren’t so sick.

    ”If Weiner were an Iraqi detainee and we were publicizing private medical photos, wouldn’t there be an international outcry? Didn’t Sabrina Harman, Charles Graner and Lynndie England get into trouble for exactly this – sexual torture through photographing and distributing photos of detainees’ private parts? Aren’t political figures also human beings, with the same rights as detainees?” -Lila Rajiva

    And even worse that she fraudulently billed herself as a ‘bleeding heart liberal’ in order to promote her sleazy Abu Graibe book titled,’The Language of Empire: Abu Ghraib and the American Media (2005),and spam it on left leaning and liberal websites just before coauthoring ‘Mobs,Markets and Messiahs’ with far right and CIA connected BillBonner of James Dale Davidson’s,UK Lord William Rees-Mogg’s,CIA ‘economist’ Mark Skousen’s and murder suspect Porter Stansberry’s,(in the case of Rey Rivera’s mysterioius plunge from Belvedere Hotel in Baltimore in 2006),Agora Inc..And unless the Patriot Act has really completely overthrown the U.S.Constitution in favor of CIA and Beltway prostitutes such as Lila Rajiva it has been a legal precent of many years if not since the Constitution was first signed,that anyone can and should criticise public figures particularly politicians in oeder to protect our basic freedoms.Anthony Weiner IS NOT a victim of Titan Corporation’s,et.al.’s torture at Abu Ghraibe Lila Rajiva ! – Tony Ryals


    IP Law Clarifies The Weiner Scandal
    June 9, 2011

    Posted in: Uncategorized
    Advice to Anthony Weiner:

    Make a friend of Andrew Breitbart. He seems to have shown you more sensitivity than some of your fellow liberals and apparently he’s mortified by the “complete violation of trust” that let the most explicit photo out into the public realm, against his explicit request.

    Plus, Breitbart’s empathy for Clarence Thomas during Thomas’ own, much earlier, public “lynching” suggests he would be open to making common cause in support of the enforcement of privacy laws on the internet.


    Except for that one photo Weiner sent to a woman who explicitly did not want it – which is harassment – Glenn Greenwald is 100 percent right on the mark about the Weiner scandal being contrived voyeurism.

    Aren’t those photos private and the property of the owner/creator? Did he explicitly allow anyone to publish it for the public? If not, isn’t there a case not only of “false light” defamation (the revelation of private actions which would cast a shadow over one’s reputation, even if they were not illegal), theft of property, willful infliction of emotional distress and injury, and copyright violation?

    If those photos were medical photos that had got out by accident, wouldn’t they have been deleted? Or do you get to publicize a medical photo just because a doctor sells it to a newspaper for money?

    If Weiner were an Iraqi detainee and we were publicizing private medical photos, wouldn’t there be an international outcry? Didn’t Sabrina Harman, Charles Graner and Lynndie England get into trouble for exactly this – sexual torture through photographing and distributing photos of detainees’ private parts? Aren’t political figures also human beings, with the same rights as detainees?

    I hope Weiner steps down from the trivial task of redistributing government goodies and uses this hideous assault on privacy to launch a new career as a privacy advocate and defender of the ethical use of personal information, especially of a sexual nature.

    Maybe he could make common cause with Sarah Palin, Christine O’Donnell, Mark Sanford, and many others who have suffered this kind of vicious attack………………

    A class-action suit by victims of privacy violation against Gawker and any other noted purveyors of this horrible stuff, would be welcome. I suggest he get cracking and make it a bipartisan effort. Any journalist who outs the private life of public figures gratuitously gets the same treatment.

    Note, I said gratuitously. There’s room for responsible criticism.

    Here’s how I would have handled this. The minute someone came to me with a private photo, I would ask where they got it. If they hacked it, I would turn that information over to the police. If they didn’t hack it but got it from somewhere else, I’d tell them that unless they could show me a release signed by a non-intoxicated adult, in his own handwriting, I would be unwilling to publish it. Even with the signature, I would weigh the merits carefully and see if I could do a story without inflammatory imagery…..

    If the story had no legs. I would take down the information and delete images and links. If the story had legs and had a serious public interest component, I’d keep the information up until it was resolved. If it was resolved, I’d keep the information for a stipulated length of time and then delete it permanently. There is a statute of limitations for most crimes and even hardened criminals get their sentences commuted. But someone subjected to an internet mob lynching gets to suffer for the whole of their life and the lives of their children and their children…forever

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