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Doctorow: Handicapping the horse-race for Canada’s new copyright bill

By Cory Doctorow from Boing Boing. As my friend and TLS co-blogger Rob Wicks says regarding this post, “I think IP really threatens to morph into outright fascism, with a large percentage of corporations being essentially wings of the state.”

Handicapping the horse-race for Canada’s new copyright bill

Cory Doctorow at 5:54 AM Tuesday, Nov 9, 2010

In a fascinating interview with TVOntario’s Search Engine podcast, Michael Geist describes and predicts the likely outcome of the years and years of wrangling over Canada’s new copyright bill, C-61 C-32, which includes a sweeping DRM clause that makes it illegal to modify your own equipment, even if you’re not otherwise breaking copyright law, making it one of the most radical DRM laws in the world. Michael sees reason to hope for a more moderate C-32 in its final form — I hope he’s right.

It All Comes Down to This on Copyright?


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