The Voluntary Life: IP Is Bad For Business

by Stephan Kinsella on February 28, 2013

Podcast episode from Australian podcast The Voluntary Life (which I appeared on previously in 2010; see Author Interview: Stephan Kinsella on Against Intellectual Property; see also Against Intellectual Property: A Follow Up Discussion):

11 FEBRUARY 2013

96 Entrepreneurship Part 13: IP Is Bad For Business

An episode about the problems with Intellectual Property, from the perspective of an entrepreneur. I started off thinking that IP is an integral and necessary part of entrepreneurship. I thought that it would be very important for my business.  I have now come to see IP law as something that:

  • prevents innovation,
  • is immoral,
  • promotes conflict,
  • diverts resources to unproductive uses
  • and is ultimately unnecessary for making money from ideas.

Show Notes:
Against Intellectual Monopoly by Boldrin and Levine
Article about the Shopping Cart case
Against Intellectual Property by Kinsella

Podcast Episode


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