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My reddit “ask me anything”

Just trying out reddit: I created an AMA, Ask Me Anything entry. Will be interesting to see how it goes–

I am Stephan Kinsella, a patent attorney and Austrian economics and anarchist libertarian writer who thinks patent and copyright should be abolished. AMA (self.IAmA)

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I’m a practicing patent lawyer, and have written and spoken a good deal on libertarian and free market topics. I founded and am executive editor of Libertarian Papers (http://www.libertarianpapers.org/), and director of Center for the Study of Innovative Freedom (http://c4sif.org/). I am a follower of the Austrian school of economics (as exemplified by Mises, Rothbard, and Hoppe) and anarchist libertarian propertarianism, as exemplified by Rothbard and Hoppe. I believe in reason, individualism, the free market, technology, and society, and think the state is evil and should be abolished.

I also believe intellectual property (patent and copyright) is completely unjust, statist, protectionist, and utterly incompatible with private property rights, capitalism, and the free market, and should not be reformed, but abolished.

Ask me anything.

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  • Thomas Leske January 22, 2013, 12:43 pm

    How does a private law society solve the nail house problem? I mean there is a perverse incentive for every owner to block projects that need a large coherent area.

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