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Going Toe To Toe With Medical Device Giants

Good story in Forbes about the plight of smaller companies who can be bankrupted by patent lawsuits and threats from the medical device giants:

Going Toe To Toe With Medical Device Giants

Robert Langreth, 11.18.10, 11:20 AM EST
Forbes Magazine dated December 06, 2010

Frank Manganaro stood tough when rivals tried to sue his firm into oblivion.


He’ll draw blood: Manganaro at Nova’s glucose meter factory in Bedford, Mass.

Francis Manganaro is a scrapper. In the last six years the wiry 68-year-old chief executive of Nova Biomedical, a privately held maker of blood-testing equipment for diabetics, has fended off attacks from behemoths Abbott Laboratories ( ABT news people ), Roche ( RHHBY.PK news people ) and Medtronic ( MDT news people ). All have claimed that Nova either infringed on their patented technology or stole their trade secrets. With just $165 million in revenue, Nova arguably couldn’t afford even one protracted legal battle, but Manganaro refused to be bullied.

“My partners and I decided we would rather go down with the ship and lose the company than to give in to people who behave like that,” he says.

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