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Marvell Loses $1.17 Billion Patent Infringement Lawsuit

From the WSJ. Congrats, Objectivists, utilitarians, and other pro-IP libertarians. A high-tech firm is persecuted by Carnegie Mellon University. Perversely, Carnegie was represented by K&L Gates, which was founded by the father of Microsoft founder Bill Gates—it’s perverse, given the billions made and monopoly position of Microsoft which is partly a result of the copyright and patent monopolies Microsoft has, courtesy Uncle Sam (see Controls breed controls, Monopolies breed monopoliesApple vs. Microsoft: Which Benefits more from Intellectual Property?;  Patent Cross-Licensing Creates Barriers to EntryGoogle’s Schmidt on the Patent-Caused Smartphone OligopolyThe Microsoft-Apple Gesture OligopolyNortel Patents Sold for $4.5 Billion to Consortium Which Includes Apple;  other posts on Microsoft).

Jury Finds Against Marvell in Patent Case

A jury in Pittsburgh on Wednesday found that chip maker Marvell Technology GroupLtd. MRVL -10.42% should pay nearly $1.17 billion for infringing patents held by Carnegie Mellon University.

If the jury’s decision stands, the award would rank among the largest to date in a patent case.

The university sued Marvell in 2009 in U.S. District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania, alleging that the company infringed patents covering technology associated with “noise predictive detection,” which is used in data-storage systems.

Marvell, which is based in Santa Clara, Calif., is known for chips used in data-storage applications.

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