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Cloud gaming patent arrives–after 8 years

A disappointing, IP-positivism-kissing piece by EE Times. Patenting delays are not harming innovation. Patents harm innovation and competition. Engineers are horrible on policy issues. Totally unprincipled and scientistic, ignorant of philosophy, economics, and political philosophy. It’s almost embarrassing to be an engineer.

Cloud gaming patent arrives–after 8 years

It took OnLive founder Steve Perlman eight years to get a patent he claims is fundamental to a new style of online gaming, a sign of hard times for innovators.

Rick Merritt

SAN JOSE, Calif. – A startup has been awarded what it claims is a broad patent on its new style of online gaming. The U.S. patent office took eight years to review and grant OnLive’s patent, typical of the kind of delay that is undermining innovation, said the startup’s chief executive.

U.S. Patent #7,849,491 describes a technique for delivering fast-action video games running on remote servers to a wired or wireless thin-client device. OnLive announced its cloud-based gaming service based on the approach in March, and it is now available on a range of systems including PCs, Macs and the company’s own so-called micro-console.

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