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Dyson Sucks

Because it is using patents to try to keep competitors, like Samsung, from … competing with it. Here, Samsung is being “accused” of “copying.” Or, as free market advocates would call it, “competing.”

Dyson is the latest company to pick a fight with the South Korean giant

By Carmel Lobello | September 10, 2013
It could just be a coincidence...
It could just be a coincidence… (Samsung, Dyson)
They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but for some reason Samsung has only ended up irritating its competitors.

The South Korean giant is once again on the receiving end of a patent lawsuit — this time over a vacuum cleaner.

British tech company Dyson, which famously “made vacuum cleaners sexy again” in the words ofThe New Yorker, is suing Samsung over the steering system in its Motion Sync vacuum cleaner. Dyson claims it’s a blatant copy of the system in its DC37 and DC39 cylinder models, which supposedly took three years to develop. The steering feature lets the vacuums change direction effortlessly, giving the user more control over the machine.

“This looks like a cynical rip-off by the giant Korean company Samsung,” said Sir James Dyson, the founder and owner of the company. “Although they are copying Dyson’s patented technology, their machine is not the same. Samsung has many patent lawyers so I find it hard not to believe that this is a deliberate or utterly reckless infringement of our patent.”

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