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Libertarian Papers Ranked “A” by Excellence in Research for Australia/Australian Research Council

From the site for the C4SIF’s journal Libertarian Papers:

Libertarian Papers Ranked “A” by Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA)/Australian Research Council (ARC)

I was informed recently by that Libertarian Papers has received a quite good ranking from the Australian Research Council’s (ARC) Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA), an Australian Government body that deals with academic matters,  provides systematic evaluation of a large number of scholarly journals in different disciplines and generates a database and a variety of reports ranking the journals.  These ratings are often used by Australian universities to evaluate the contribution of their academics to various fields.

The ERA Journal Ranking List for all law and legal studies journals is appended below. The order of the rankings is A*, A, B, C and then not ranked.  Libertarian Papers  is highlighted in the list.  It is ranked at level A, which is the second best ranking on the list, which is considered quite good.

Needless to say, we are very pleased with this recognition of the excellence the journal strives for.

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